The Clay Doyle Gallery

July 17. 1992 to April 2, 1996


When Clay Doyle moved his studio from Westwood to West Hollywood in 1992 he rented a building with enough room for a small exhibition space. He had long wanted a gallery to showcase the work of the talented illustrators and photographers he knew from his graphic design business.

The Exhibitions

Catanzaro & Mahdessian
Inaugural Exhibition July 17, 1992
Photography by Ted Catanzaro & Debbie Mahdessian

First commercial solo show; All negatives and most prints were subsequently destroyed in the Malibu fire of 1993.
Now: they continue to work as commercial and fine art photographers.


September 25, 1992
The Art of Gary Baseman, Greg Clarke & Mark Fox

First commercial exhibition of these three UCLA art school graduates
Now: all three are successful artists, see their work below.

Gary Baseman
Greg Clarke
Mark Fox


Eddy Varekamp
December 5, 1992
Eddy Varekamp, paintings and prints from Amsterdam

First U.S. exhibition 
Now: He continues to create and sell work in his Amsterdam atelier.

Eddy Varekamp


This Can’t Be Love
February 12, 1993
St. Valentine’s show of erotic and ironic art, co-curated by Michael Buitrón and featuring:
Gary Baseman, Micheal Buitrón, Catanzaro & Mahdessian, Greg Clarke, Greg Cloud, Jory Felice, Richard Hawkins, Donnie Hudson,
Bradley Parker, Deborah Roundtree, Mark Rosenthal, Carole Topalian, and Eddy Varekamp


Stud Caps
May 28, 1993
A Photo-collage installation by the Bone Boyz: Ken Graziano & Scott Drnavich


David Hargrove & Jeffrey Burton
September 9, 1993
Smoking Boys: Paintings by David Hargrove
Intimate Absurdities: Photographs by Jeffrey Burton

First commercial exhibition for these artists
Now: David Hargrove went on to become an interior designer before his untimely death in 2015.
Jeffrey Burton is a very successful fashion and fine art photographer.

  Jeffrey Burton Studios


Sex, Sex, Sex: The Mark of the Beast
October 22, 1993
Twelve Years of Homoerotic Comics by Brad Parker (aka Ace Moorcock)

First and only retrospective of the artist's erotica
Now: Parker is a successful Tiki artist in Hawaii.

 Brad Parker


Auto-Erotic Suicide
January 14, 1994
Photographs by Bradley J. Braverman

First exhibition of this ironic yet exquisite black and white photo series
Now: Braverman died of complications from AIDS shortly after the exhibition.


Physical Evidence: Artifacts From a Violent Culture
March 11, 1994
Photographs by Craig Smith

California exhibition of this inkjet print photo series courtesy of the Radix Gallery, Phoenix


New Queer Art
June 1994

New Work by Lesbian and Gay Artists in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Stonewall

Showcasing the work of the following artists: Brad Braverman, Michael Buitron, Jeffrey Burton, Dimitri, David Hargrove,
Ace Moorcock, Phranc, Joe Rocco, Carole Topalian, and Steve Turk


The Bookstore
September 1994

A gallery installation by Dimitri Vorvolakos
Full gallery installation created especially for the space


WiseGeist 2

Text and Images by Gary Baseman, Greg Clarke, and Mark Fox
Second exhibition at the gallery by this trio of increasingly successful artists

Gary Baseman
Greg Clarke
Mark Fox


September 1995
Agnew Stewart Wilson

An extensive series of small-scale sculptures of meticulously assembled from discarded industrial, consumer and religious objects. First showing ever of this true “outsider” artist.
Now: after some subsequent success and a long hiatus, Wilson is working on new pieces.


February 1996
Our second St. Valentine’s Day group show featuring new work by:
Bone Boyz, Michael Buitrón, Jeffrey Burton, Greg Clarke, Greg Cloud, Clay Doyle, Nicholas J. Fedak II, Mark Hall Flanders,
Kenneth Sean Golden, David Hargrove, Paul Jermann, Catanzaro & Mahdessian, Patrik of Amsterdam, Phranc, Joe Rocco,
Steve Turk, Eddy Varekamp, Mike Vonnet, and Dimitri Vorvolakos


In 1996 Clay Doyle and his long-time collaborator Michael Logan incorporated the design business as The Doyle/Logan Company. The exhibition space was from then known as The Gallery at the Doyle/Logan Company

The Gallery at The Doyle/Logan Company


August 1996
A gallery installation by Nicholas Fedak II

Site specific installation themed to memory and emigration
Now: Fedak creates and exhibits his work internationally


Photographs by Clay Doyle and Michael Logan

Photographs of Europe 2000—2005


Childish Things
October 1996
Photographs by Davis and Davis

First commercial show of this whimsical yet sinister photographic series incorporating toys from this husband and wife team


Dog + Cat
November 1996
A group show featuring new works created on the theme of dogs and cats.
Featuring work by: Gary Baseman, Mike Bonnet, Jeff Burton, Greg Clarke, Mark Fox, Nicholas Fedak II, Lois Gervais, David Hargrove, Roger Henry, Meredith Parmelee, Brad Parker, Steve Turk, Marc Rosenthal, Joe Rocco, Craig Smith, Mark Harmel, Vince Sullivan, Ted&Debbie, Arthur Tress, Patrik, Eddy Varekamp, and Dimitri Vorvolakos


Steve Turk
March 1997
painting and illustration

First commercial solo exhibition by this LA based illustrator, shortly before changing his illustrative style, as well as his name
Now: He creates illustration for a wide range of corporate and editorial clients under the name Noah Woods, as well as creating an acclaimed childrens’ book, and fine art.


Museum Studies
A new series of photographs by Craig Smith

First California exhibition, courtesy the Radix Gallery, Phoenix


24 Reasons to Leave LA
March 1998
New propaganda by Mark Fox

Solo show by Mark Fox featuring new political works and a series of limited edition posters created especially for this exhibition
Now: Many works from this show are now in the design collections of museums internationally.
Fox continues to design and create propaganda posters in San Francisco at his studio Design is Play, with creative partner Angie Wong.
He is also a Professor of Graphic Design at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco


Blue LA/NY
September 1998
Illustrations by Rubén Esparza

Early solo show by this eponymous LA artist
Now: Esparza continues his active career as artist, provacateur and activist

Rubén Esparza


April 1999
Photographs by Evan Klein

First solo exhibition of this series of black and white carnival photographs

Final Exhibition

Santo: Fragments of Catholic Europe
December 2000
Photographs by Clay Doyle and Michael Logan

In 1998 Mr. Doyle left for a sabbatical in Amsterdam. In 2001 he and Mr. Logan relocated the design business and the gallery closed permanently.