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Amsterdam. 1981.

Eric found a carousel of holiday slides from 1981 at Goodwill. It is always fascinating to see what changes and what stays the same. Often it is only the clothing that would give away the date of the photo. Arriving at Centraal Station. Always a familiar sight Ravensbrück Memorial, Museumplein. Despite traversing the Museumplein surely […]

Vintage Slides: The Haring Eaters. Marken, Noord Holland. 1956.

In our continuing series of vintage slides here’s a charming slide from Holland. We believe these slides came from an officer in the American Military stationed in Germany in the 50s. Here’s a typical picture of tourists devouring the raw “nieuwe” haring. Most Dutch people eat it with a knife and fork. The photographer wrote […]

Amsterdam A to Zed: B is for bicycle

You just have to ride a bicycle—it’s by far the quickest, easiest way around the city. It may look intimidating at first, but once on a bike you have the advantage as bicycles have the right-of-way. Rent one from Frederic Rent-a-Bike—their bikes don’t have any annoying logos that label you as a tourist. (Many shops […]

Amsterdam A to Zed: A is for app

One of the things that makes Apple’s iPhone so addictive are the wide range of third party created “apps” (which do span the admittedly silly to the overly complicated) but also include many which are downright useful and easy to use. Kudos to the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions for creating the elegantly designed Amsterdam Mobile […]

Amsterdam Hotels

A friend of my sister recently wrote: Do you know of any cheap but clean/safe hotels in Amsterdam (specifically, safe for a mom and child alone)? I want to get a hotel in Amsterdam for a couple nights to avoid all the train riding back and forth from my friend’s house in the Hague but […]

2008: A Year of Travel in Pictures

The year 2008 began and ended in San Francisco. So lets consider some old/new highlights of San Francisco in honor of the new year. Favorite old site: the fabulously eccentric late Frank Lloyd Wright Marin Civic Center. Favorite new site: the fabulously eccentric just opened Renzo Piano designed California Academy of Sciences. Favorite old restaurant: […]

Amsterdam on the Cheap

See the story and a slide show of his photos at Turmoil in the financial markets and a sky-high exchange rate for the dollar against the Euro may have you reconsidering that trip to Europe. A hotel room at 200 Euros is a lot less attractive when it appears on your credit card at […]

Art in Amsterdam—and Beyond

Clay Doyle writes about museums in Amsterdam and beyond…including the Holland art cities of Utrecht, Rotterdam and Den Haag…in his first article for Logo online. See the story and a slide show of his photos at—and-beyond/ Mention Holland and the names Rembrandt and Van Gogh come instantly to mind; but the Netherlands has been […]

Amsterdam Insider Tips

I’m often asked to recommend a “gay” hotel in Amsterdam — my usual response is to suggest booking any hotel you like; all hotels in Amsterdam are entirely gay friendly. A gay hotel here (and there are more than a few) has always seemed a bit unnecessary — unless one requires the specialized atmosphere and bondage-equipped […]

Het Laatste Biertje

In Amsterdam, out with friends for an evening, we’ll have a few sensible rounds of beer and eventually someone will suggest “het laatste biertje”. The last little beer has become something of a joke among my friends, for of course the last beer invariably produces an additional round and then another as each in turn […]

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