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Travels with Nonna

France and Italy, Part I, Paris to Lucca

My journal of  a 49 day, nearly 5000 kilometer, driving tour through France and Northern Italy during September and October of 2006. I was accompanied by my mother (aka Nonna) and joined by Michael Logan (twice) and other friends along the way. A long trip, and a long story… 14 September 2006                    LAX So through […]

France and Italy, Part II, Tuscany

3 October 2006                    The Gatto Rosso Amazingly almost nothing has changed in the three years since I was here last. It was a quick drive Saturday morning on the Autostrada to Lucca. We stopped there for lunch at da Guilia. Same good (cheap) food, same waitress, and her son…grown from a little boy to a […]

France and Italy, Part III, Tuscany to Paris

25 October 2006                    Villa Giadello, Modena Returned to a favorite discovery, the farm/inn-restaurant of Villa Giadello, east of Modena. The elderly owner is still here and hard at work. Our apartment was smaller and rather more modern than the one we had on our previous visit (we were in the new building), but the only […]

Anecdotes from a French Spring

“It would be easier,” I remark, “To have lunch with Jacques Chirac.” We are standing outside the Pilier Sud, at the entrance to private elevator to Restaurant Jules Verne. Our way is blocked by a pleasant but stern young man, clad in all black, with a radio headset. It is a near impossibility to make […]

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